Health Assessments

Personal Health Assessments

A comprehensive range of health assessments is offered by one of our partner organisations, BMI Healthcare. The range consists of four Intelligent Health Assessments; the Essential, Select, Advanced and Advanced+, so you can be assured of finding one to suit your needs.

If you require cardiac health screening, please contact the Practice Secretary at Chiltern Hills Heart Clinic to discuss your requirements here. We would be happy to help.

All the assessments are designed to provide you with an excellent opportunity to detect disease and health issues in their early stages. It gives you the time to explore not only your health but also your lifestyle too.

Each assessment includes quality time with a specialist health assessment doctor or nurse to discuss your personal health concerns, and of course, the peace of mind of getting an understanding of your health.

The specialist will give you advice based on your consultation and results, then share with you some recommendations for changes in your lifestyle. You'll have quick and easy access to further diagnostic tests and treatments, should this be required.

After your assessment you'll receive a full health report so you have a record of all your results.

Further details on BMI Health Assessments are available here

Corporate Health Assessments

With obesity, smoking, stress, drinking too much alcohol and lack of exercise becoming increasingly prevalent in today's society, employee health and wellness issues can have a real impact on your business.

Health assessments provide you with an excellent opportunity to detect disease and health issues in their early stages. By recognising specific risk factors and helping your employees to make informed decisions about their health, it is possible to improve the quality of their life and reduce the risk of developing disease in the future, which can lead to a more productive workforce.

BMI Healthcare aim to deliver health improvements. This means helping your employees in understanding what they can do today to reduce the risk of them developing a more serious health condition at some point in the future.

This is done in a way which is cost-effective and simple to administer across all of your employees, bring you all the benefits associated with a healthy and more productive workforce.

Further details on BMI Health Assessments are available here

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