Prolonged ambulatory ECG

What is a HeartScan ECG Monitor?
The Omron HeartScan HCG-801 is a portable, cordless single channel ECG monitor for home use. It takes a snapshot of the heart waveform and gives an indication of potential ECG abnormalities such as arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation. It can store up to 300 dated and timed recordings and can identify 13 different result types.

Dr Punit Ramrakha will arrange for you to hire the monitor for a predetermined length of time, usually three weeks. When symptoms occur, patients can trigger recordings of approximately 30 seconds which can be stored for later assessment. Transient cardiology symptoms can therefore be monitored instantly and discretely whenever and wherever they occur.

The HeartScan is not intended for use in acute or critical situations and cannot detect all possible heart conditions. The monitor cannot replace the interpretation of the heart signal by a medical expert. Never attempt to interpret the results yourself or modify your medication or treatment without consulting your doctor.

When you experience symptoms, place the monitor against your chest ensuring the electrodes on the side of the unit are touching bare skin. Press the button and the monitor records for approximately 30 seconds. A result message and recommendation is displayed on completion which can be stored for later review by Dr Ramrakha.

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